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Wow! Thanks for stopping by. I’m super glad you’ve made it here. Like most 30 somethings, I have a big heart for wine, it goes with everything! What also goes with everything is being a good human. When I came across ONEHOPE Wine I knew it was a partnership made in heaven because every bottle supports a cause. So now, I’m here, telling you all this because you can taste/drink/chug wine with me (or without me, but I’m a lot of fun) and give back to charity at the same time, because ONEHOPE let’s us do that. It’s pretty rad. I hope to cheers with you soon. Oh, and the wine is good, I promise. - Kaila


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Host a tasting at any size event, or in your backyard. Let your guests discover delicious wines that also support a cause.


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his lips drink water
but his heart drinks wine
— E.E. Cummings